Mold Reverser

§ Plastic Inyection Mold

§ Die Casting Mold
§ Metal Roll
§ Press Mold
§ Others


An inversion operation by a crane is a very difficult and dangerous. A slight operation mistake may cause a serios accident.

Also, an operator has to go under an object to be inverted to hook wires.
By using Denson Mold Reverser, you can perform an inversion operation easily and safety.


The bellows assures your safety. An object such as a mold can be inverted without any impact and damage.

When the table is leveled, the limit swith is activated to stop the operation.

It operates at slow speed at the beginning and end of the operation.

It smoothly changes to a high operation speed during the operation.



You can effectively use a space under a crane. The flipper lift can be placed on a road.

Grounding type, the tables are flattened when not in use and a truck fork lift can pass on it.

The tables are flattened, allowing you to do your repair or other types of work on the table.